Useful Tips for Reducing Paper Towel Wastage

About 90% of the American families use paper towel for cleaning, did you know that an average person living in United States utilizes 2400 to 3000 paper towel sheets at work per year? Approximately, 13 million pounds of toilet papers are racked up in the landfills each year. Considering total wastage on per day basis, […]

Why Switch to Green Cleaning

It is only natural to feel the need to keep your home sparkly clean all the time. The obsession with cleaning usually comes from a desire to protect your family from germs and keep them safe and healthy. Considering the fact that cleaning has the purpose of making your home a safe environment for your […]

Do Deep Green-Energy Efficiency Upgrades Make Economic Sense?

First of all, not every green or energy efficiency item will provide a substantial rate-of-return or ROI. Replacing carpet with bamboo flooring makes perfect environmental sense but might not be justified through an economic payback calculation. Replacing a gravel driveway with permeable pavement is an admirable retrofit project but, since gravel is also permeable, the […]

Hire a Maid to Protect the Environment

Cleaning should be all about efficiency – using the best products to provide the best results in the fastest time possible, preferably with as little effort as possible. Without a doubt, there is a variety of professional products out there and if you go to your local department store, you will find an overwhelming number […]

Why You Should Get A Vegetable Patch

When we think of the common vegetable patch we immediately think of grandparents, country bumpkins and war-time rationing, but, of course, this is a terribly one dimensional outlook on them. Vegetable patches have soared in popularity in recent years (more than likely due to the recession) and as a result have become a fashionable garden […]

Choose Your Landscape Gardening Designer Well

It is not always easy to find a landscape gardening designer that you can click with. Effort should be put in place to find a suitable one since the physical appearance of your home environment is at stake. You are supposed to entrust the designer to carry out agriculture tasks as you pictured it to […]

Green House Technology

Green building provides durability, energy and water savings, and improved indoor air quality. Besides benefiting the environment, the builder and the community at large, green building benefits the homeowner by providing better durability, energy savings, water savings and improved indoor air quality. A green home is a durable home. For a homeowner, that means less […]

Green Living Made Simple

Green Living seems to be a staple in marketing circles these days. Products are showing more and more green coloring in their labels. ‘Earth-friendly’ and ‘eco-friendly’ are promotional buzzwords. And grassroots movements for local consumables is gaining momentum. With the constant barrage of marketing materials pushing ‘green’, it can border on obnoxious. Border on obnoxious? […]