How to Save Money When Looking After the Garden

As most other outdoor activities, gardening is a pleasant and relaxing occupation. What’s more, it is rewarding to observe the beautiful green spot you created on your own. However, it would be right to assume that gardening is not a cheap hobby. It consumes a lot of time as well. If you want to find […]

Growing Water Lilies And Water Lily Care

Since time immemorial, water lilies have captivated humans’ attention towards its enchanting beauty. The plant has been gorgeously immortalized in religion and art. Majestic palaces and gardens were once its home, but today it found its place even in your home garden. Intrigued? We will tell you how you can grow and care for water […]

Ways to Be a Great Gardener

Every Gardener knows how important it is to take time to reflect on ways in which you can improve the performance. Gardeners are observant people and as such, they can scrutinize, monitor, and take different signals from the plants so as to make a determination on whether the plants are the way they need to […]

When Should You Trim Your Trees and Shrubs?

Trimming your trees during summers has many benefits to offer, and it ought to be considered for every single tree that you possess. Remember, trimming is a vital, yet frequently ignored task in the developing procedure. By trimming them at the right time, you can control the shape of its crown. When trees are trimmed […]

How to Keep Potted Plants Safe in Winter

If you are an avid gardener, you know well enough that growing plants in containers is a tough job. Even more so is when winter comes around and you need to invest effort in keeping plants safe. There are many challenges for your potted plants during winter: drying out, wind, sudden temperature drops and root […]

Things To Keep In Mind Before Palm Tree Removal

Who would like to cut off a full grown palm tree from their property or near their house? The answer is easy and clear – No one! Although it’s obvious that no one would like to expel a palm tree, but sometimes it simply becomes inevitable to prevent its removal. Generally, excessively overgrown trees may […]

The How-To Of Rhubarb

Rhubarb: History: It is not clear where or what is the origin of Rhubarb. There are mentions of Rhubarb in China going back to 2,700 BC, however Rhubarb was also found on the banks of the Volga. Whatever Rhubarb’s source; the plant was used during the times of plague being a most potent drug with […]

Everything You Need To Know About Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping will refer to the conservation of water via creative landscaping. This was developed originally for drought-afflicted areas. Water is now considered a limited and expensive resource. Hence, all landscaping projects will definitely benefit from this alternative. Xeriscaping Principles Planning – Water conservation is the fundamental element of this landscaping option. Most landscape designers are constantly […]

The Secrets In Mastering Lawn Care Basics

While it is true that lawn care is by no means rocket science, having technical knowledge for proper utilization of resources as well as having the ability to perform other important things is important. If not, ending up with a damaged lawn and wasted resources especially the time, money and efforts you have invested is […]